The Warburton Hotel Wesburn (previously Sam Knott Hotel)

About Us

The Warburton Hotel, circa 1920-54, Rose Stereograph Co., State Library of Victoria Archives

Welcome to Our Local…

We are proud that our pub has an incredible history; it’s one of the oldest in the area. The pub is said to have started life in 1863 at a site in Old Warburton, and was moved to Wesburn in 1885. For most of its life, it’s been called The Warburton Hotel. In the early days it was known as Buller’s Hotel, and in recent decades the Sam Knott Hotel. Us locals know it as ‘The West’. We’ve worked hard to return the pub to its original glory, so returning to its longest serving name felt fitting.

Who are we?

The same, but different: Our Local.

We offer quality food and drinks in a beautiful setting. Our staff are our pride and joy; you can expect excellent customer service. Our light-filled bistro serves up delicious pub fair – we are fussy when it comes to food and our local Chefs are second to none! 

Our bar area is a place to feel at home – ponder over a pot or share a bottle of Yarra Valley wine with friends. The beer garden includes a space for kids to play over the summer months.

Everyone is welcome at the Warburton Hotel: locals, tourists, visitors, community groups, families and friends. Over its long life, this pub has meant many things to many people. Make it mean something to you!